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NAVAC is a 100 % BEE female owned Maritime company that offers end to end solutions in marine. We are driven with passion and our focus is to expand our company through positive service delivery ensuring a good strong reputation on the African Continent.


To be the first and largest 100 % BEE female owned Maritime corporation in Southern Africa that is able to build a large and sustainable client base. We want to further expand programmes and opportunities to build and empower woman in Maritime.


Our experience from engaging with numerous shipyards and a broad understanding of ship owners’ requirements, positions us to cater for your end to end requirements. We position ourselves  locally and globally to provide ship owners and maritime industry stakeholders with added professional marine consultancy, shipbuilding project management and supervision services for their new building and conversion projects with a focus being Southern Africa. We strive to provide our clients with the best practices for their new build, conversion and restoration projects.


Our service model is flexible, starting from advisory tasks to the full-scale EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management) scope of newbuilding or major conversion projects.

Through our strong expertise, independence and resources, we deliver to our clients exactly the project management and construction solutions they need and thus help them focus on their core business. Our extensive knowhow and hands-on approach enable us to provide excellent connection interface bringing the players closer together.

A successful shipbuilding project depends on experience in both new building and operation of the specific vessel type, attention to detail and knowledge of the selected shipyard.

NAVAC Marine Project Management offers access to expert multinational team of naval architects, engineers, project managers, and inspectors able to manage the project from technical specifications, marine consultancy, evaluation and review to final delivery, covering all the intermediate phases such as shipyard assessment, selection of equipment makers, plan approval, provision of specialist teams for construction supervision, commissioning and technical support to the ship’s crew.

We are dedicated to providing a high level of service irrespective how large or small the project.

Our Promise

We at NAVAC, promise to ensure Compliancy, High standards, Improved design and Peace of mind to you as our valued client. We are committed to professionalism and knowledge needed to guide any shipowner through the complexities of the new building projects. Let our team be your partner in the voyage ahead!